wizard101-1I have played many online games before but I have never played a game like Wizard 101 before. The registration was pretty interesting since it kind of reminds me of being sorted by the sorting hat in Harry Potter. You answer a bunch of questions that is the best one for you and this is the basis of what school you will be in the game. I also found the name selection process pretty interesting. Having combinations like troll or shade is kind of fun to me. There are various things that makes this game a winner and I think even kids will learn to appreciate this. The graphics are quite good and the voices are very animated, which actually lets you feel more interested to play the game in the long run. There are various factors that make this game a pretty good one to play.


The first thing that I noticed with this game is how well the voice actors were in delivering their lines. It was the headmasters voice that really got to me and made me feel like I am actually doing something a wizard would do. Ok, that maybe is an exagerrated description, but it really affects the overall aura of the game when the voices are well done and you become more interested with the characters as well. I think having good actors to dubb voices in the game will pay off in the long run because players would be more interested and will listen well to the dialogues.


The artwork is reminiscent of PS1 games. While some may feel disappointed with this description, it actually appeals to me since I feel nostalgic and feel as if I am playing an old school game that I love. The graphics are vibrant and colorful I like the art style because it is not overwhelming. Also, the animation regarding the attack spells are really well made. I find that I appreciate that every single attack or spell has its own animation and that they made an effort to do so.


I have to admit that I was a bit surprised with the whole battle system in this game. I actually thought that it would be the same old MMORPG battle system where you encounter monsters and then you have to fight them with an attack and then use special skills by using up mana. Although it is a bit similar to that kind of system, this game actually use cards to battle monsters. Yup, cards. Its like YU-GI-OH meets Harry Potter. It was a bit confusing at first to tell you the truth, because sometimes, the monsters you bump into does not attack you immediately. And then at times you get into battle with another online player, which confuses me because I do not know whose turn it was. I may still have to spend a few more hours in this game to really get the hang of things.


The game controls are pretty straightforward and you basically move with your keyboard. There are moments though when the turning isĀ wizard101-2 hard because you tend to do a 360 when all you want to do is turn right or turn left. It would be wonderful if you can mainly use your mouse to move. But all in all it has a pretty straightforward game controls and it was not too hard to move around in the world of Wizard 101.


There are various hints in the game that it would be next to impossible for anyone to really get lost in there. Although, I find that I am still confuse with the whole spell card collecting process. There are hints that pop up everywhere and you basically just to read through them. And when it comes to the quests, you have this yellow arrow pointing you towards you destination and it was very easy to follow.

If you are tired with the same old MMORPG system, I think that you would enjoy this game. And if you are like me who is a fan of Harry Potter and just loves the idea of being in a wizarding world doing quests, then this is definitely the game for you.

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