With so many action games out there, it can be very hard to determine what to play, so why not succumb to history themed games? When I first saw Wargame 1942 I immediately realized that this is a great title because not only does this succumb to a specific set of gameplay ideas, but it’s just a lot of fun to do and it’s truly exciting as a whole.


wargame-1942-glowneAs expected, this game takes place during WWII and it pits you either in the role of an Axis or Allied commando. Unlike many other war games, this one is focused on strategy which means that alongside battles you also need to work on your base quite a lot because it’s important, as here you create your character and do all the cool stuff. It’s nice to see that there’s a lot of place for tactics here as well, as that’s what you need in order to defeat the other players.

Building up your base can be a little tricky, because you have to combine production facilities with defenses. Yes, enemies can attack you at any given time, and that’s why you need to focus on expanding your empire while also making sure that no one will destroy your units and stuff like that.


It’s important to note that Wargame 1942 is fairly realistic in regards to the gameplay, so you will see battles that take place on land, in the air and the sea. This way you have a lot of ground to cover, which can be a little demanding, but on the other hand it offers quite an interesting experience and a lot of enjoyment as a whole, since you get to play and mix different units in order to get the right choice.


As expected, there are tanks, airplanes, but you should never overuse them, because many times infantry is what you need. It can be a little hard to get the balance just right, but on the other hand it will bring you some immense challenges along the way. Leveling up is required if you want access to some better equipment, but your main focus should be attacking most of the time, because that’s how you get many of the resources you need. Of course, there are production units, but on the other hand there’s a massive challenge to all of this, and that’s what you need to do in this regard.

Team play

You’re not alone in Wargame 1942, and you can use the other people in your Axis or Allies group in order to get the best outcome. Alliances are great if you want to further improve your defense, not to mention that they can also attack alongside you if you want. On the other hand, they do require the collection of taxes but you do get alliance bonus points and thus you can invest in stronger units, which is more than impressive to be honest.


wargame-1942-tankFrom a graphical standpoint, Wargame 1942 is an amazing game, because not only does it come with a great set of gameplay ideas, but it also brings in some great character design as well. But the fact that they gear towards realism is very nice in this game and it does offer the necessary appear that you need in order to get the best experience. It’s a lot of fun when it comes to playing but Wargame 1942 is a visually appealing game too, and this blends in perfectly.


Wargame 1942 starts off like pretty much any other war game, but it does manage to bring in a lot of character along the way and it’s just a breeze to go through. If you ever liked the idea of having a war game in your hands, then you should surely check out this game, as it’s really good and it offers a huge amount of content and replay value!

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