The Secret World is a MMORPG which is somewhat unique in the genre as the game is set in the modern world. Unlike the modern world however, supernatural forces are threatening to destroy humanity and the player must join the fight against them.

There are three factions in the game for the player to join: Illuminati, Templar and Dragon. Each faction has their own ideology and special bonuses which provide the player with special abilities. The character creation in the game offers players the chance to create their own unique character however, this mostly comes from selectin between a range of pre-created options.

There are no set classes in the game and the player is able to create a unique playstyle as a result. It also lacks the traditional character paths that other MMORPGs force players to follow. It allows players to select which skills they want to form new ‘classes’ which provide the player with special abilities which are perfect for different situations. As expected from the game, there are also a large number of weapon types for the player to select from which includes different types of guns.

Combat in the game is very engaging and players need to be very active to avoid incoming damage from enemies while also moving to better positions to attack from. It’s possible to perform gymnatic maneuvers to avoid taking damage however, health in this game does regenerate over time when not in combat.

The biggest downside to this game is the learning curve. The Secret World has a high learning curve which can seem quite daunting for new players. In addiion to this, the lack of classes or character paths could also be quite confusing for newcomers to the game. As a result, understanding the game becomes easier as the player progresses through the new but players with a shorter attention span could become bored quite quickly.

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