the-elder-scrolls-online-topThe Elder Scrolls Online was first released in 2014 as a subscription based game; since then, the game has seen a large number of changes to add new content to the vast world of Tamriel and to provide players with more access to the continent. The active subscription based system was removed in 2015 and the recent One Tamriel update has unlocked the game for all players.

It blends the classic gameplay from The Elder Scrolls series with traditional MMO elements but the latest One Tamriel update has completely changed the direction of this MMORPG. Other games in this genre are locked to specific area until they’ve reached a high enough level or unless they select a specific starting race; the new update has removed this from the game.

Players are now able to explore the world of Tamriel in full with very few limitations, it allows players of all levels and experience to play together as the world adjusts to them. For fans of The Elder Scrolls series, it’s a great change as it allows players to explore specific areas without being restricted. The PvP zones are still level based however and some zones are off-limits until the player reaches a certain point in the game.

Combat works in a fashion similar to the TES series; the game can be played in first or third person which can be interchanged at any point. There are a variety of classes to select from and level into who change the combat playstyle accordingly. It’s possible to completely change loadout and skillset with a press of a button which means that players are not limited to how they play the game.


The Elder Scrolls Online offers players a large amount of choice and there is a clear emphasis on exploration; it features a nice combat system and the PvP has been refined since the game was first released to ensure it’s still competitive. There’s a lot of content in this game which is sure to appeal to a wide range of MMORPG fans.

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