Star_Trek_Online_1Prepare the Starfleet, hop in your spaceship and set your phasers to stun because we’re taking a look at Star Trek Online.

In Star Trek Online, players get pilot their very own starships which is pretty cool, and if you’ve played any of the previous Star Trek games Star Trek Online has a somewhat similar feel in that respect. Star Trek Online allows players to travel across the final frontier moving in any direction, which is a nice new addition to Star Trek Online. This much needed addition in piloting through space adds a new layer of depth to dogfights in space when you’re fighting another ship. Since this is an MMO game set in the Star Trek universe, they game does use staples from the genre, so you have a set of different types of attacks that the player has to click to make their ship shoot at the enemy.

Star Trek Online really feels like two different types of game to me personally because there’s more than just piloting through space. On top of the aforementioned space flight that’s full of ship battles, there’s a whole other side of Star Trek Online that allows players to actually get out of their spaceships and complete missions using their character. Players aren’t limited to just doing missions on foot however, you can just hang out if you want to and chat and interact with friends. There are a few memorable locations in Star Trek Online from the series including Deep Space Nine and Sol Spacedock, and it’s pretty cool that you can get beamed up and down just like Scotty would do for members of the crew on the movies. With the amount of places to explore and things to do, not to mention the size of outer space, there is a ton of content packed into Star Trek Online. The game is an MMO however, so you’ll need to do a lot of grinding to see all that the game has to offer.

In Star Trek Online Players can choose to fast travel to mission locations in exchange for some of their energy credits, which isn’t a bad tradeStar_Trek_Online_2 depending on how far you need to go, or players can just warp to sector space and then go to the system you need to. Sector space is kind of the same thing as the Mass Relays in the Mass Effect trilogy of games from BioWare. It allows you to travel to a far off location in space that you wouldn’t normally be able to get to by normal methods of transportation.

Missions typically incorporate ground and space segments to keep things varied, and that’s good because variety is the spice of life. But if every mission is the same two part structure then maybe it really isn’t variety, but the illusion of variety instead. Then again the game is free to play so maybe I’m looking to far into this. Star Trek Online is good for what it is and a fan of the Star Trek movies and television series will enjoy the game.

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