Smite is a pretty impressive game for me. It’s an online free-to-play game which pits mythical gods against eachsmite1 other. The gods in the game came from various myths that you can read from various legends. The game is action packed and it was very addicting. I started with the training quests which I think every new player should take time to play since it would be a bit difficult to navigate this game without going through some basics first. The graphics are absolutely stunning and the characters are very detailed. The in game sounds are also pretty epic and it really gets you playing. Too bad though that to play all the characters, I have to purchase the game, but of course not everything is free so it’s completely understandable.

I started out with the character called Neith the weaver of fate and she was a very good character to use for those players who are just starting out. She has skills that are very easy to use, specially if you are used to long-range type of characters. She also has a skill that allows a player to escape easily which I think is very beneficial in the game. She can deal critical damage once she reaches a certain level in the game. I was able to provide very good assist tactics using Neith and she is a useful character for me.

I was also able to use Ah Puch the horrific god of decay and I had a harder time using this character. Although like Neith, Ah Puch uses weapon that does long-range damage, I find that his attacks does less damage to the enemies since he is a mage type character. His skills are also pretty hard to control but I do love his empty the crypts skill which unleashes a hoard of wraiths that does to any enemies they touch.

The arena game mode was very exciting for me. It was pretty good game mode that can be pretty chaotic since everyone just basically kills each other in the arena. But it actually adds to the excitement since you have to assist your friendly minions in getting to the next portal and also not allow the other team’s friendly minions to get into your own portal. It’s like watching an epic arena match that pits powerful gods against each other.

smite2I really want to play the other game modes in the game but in the free version, only the siege and arena mode could be played. Some finer points in the game includes some humor being inserted into it which can be hilarious. It was also very helpful to have the automatic skill and items upgrade since I know that most players would get overwhelmed on what to buy specially on a new game like this. And I also would really love to get the full game just so I could try all the characters that are available in the game which I think ranges from Chinese mythology to Mayan.

Smite is a pretty amazing game for me and I would really love to play the full version of this game. I also think I need to play more of this game to be able to learn more about the skills of each character in the game and also how to use them effectively. The gods against other gods concept is a winning idea for me and I think the game could be played on and on without getting bored. Smite is a pretty solid game that will get you playing for hours.

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