I have played various MMORPG genre games and played only a few MMORPG browser type games but League of Angels really stand out.

First of all, I love the graphics in this game. The characters are illustrated flawlessly and I just adore any game League-of-Angels_2with fantastic graphics. It even included a mini game at the loading page of the game where you could shoot birds flying at the screen while you wait for the game to load. The in game sounds also add to the overall allure of the game for me since it gives the player an almost surreal experience just from listening to the epic in game sounds.

At first I was pretty much overwhelmed by all the details in the game. But it was pretty handy that a quest tracker
helps you keep track of the things you need to do in the game. It would be pretty hard for me to navigate through this game if it weren’t for the quest tracker to tell you the truth. The main storyline of the game pretty much gives you a typical MMORPG vibe of being a hero and then completing quests. But one of the unique additions in the game is the angelic companions. You have only three classes to choose from in the beginning but having sub classes of the main classes adds up to the excitement and the immediate need of the player to advance in the game and gain more experience to be able to progress as other sub-classes. The angelic companions are also a good addition in the game with each of the angels having their own unique skills and strength’s.  And another feature that really excites me in the game is that you can get mounts and pets that can help you out. And the angelic companions and mounts can actually be upgraded which then gives the players additional goals in the game.

League-of-Angels_1The astral character attribute system in the game is something new for me, and I find it interesting so it keeps me playing. And there are actually a lot of other systems in the game that is pretty interesting for me. The angel system is of course one and then there is also the totem battle system which I have not tried yet but would really love to give a try. There are also various freebies in the game which I think can really help players who are just starting out.

For a free game to be really this graphically detailed along with having unique systems in the game itself is pretty awesome for me. I can pretty much safely say that I had a great game experience with League of Angels. I plan to play more of this game and hopefully reach a decent level where I can pretty much feel confident to join a guild. I also hope to know more about the other in game systems while I progress in playing this game. And I specially want to own a pet because I just love the idea of having one and hopefully it won’t be too hard to have one.

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