herowarzHeroWarz is an isometric MMORPG offering a wide range of characters with their own playing styles. The game is all about fighting and traveling through the isolated worlds. It contains 100 levels and throws multiple challenging quests in your way, which you can only counter by acquiring new skills. You can change your character any time in the game. Fighting effectively against the enemies helps you to score better.

HeroWarz Key Features:

Difficulty Levels – Every level is equipped with difficult quests and better rewards.
Character Selection – Large library of hero characters with distinct skillsets is available.
Charming Aesthetics – Features stylish comic book narrative sequences to ice cream and flopping fish item drop rewards.
Over 100 Levels – Move through the grinding features of over 100 levels to unlock new skills along the way.
4v4 PvP – Participate in a 4v4 MOBA-stylized PvP arenas where players have 5 skills and gain experience by killing enemies.


HeroWarz offers a fun gameplay. It features a large variety of characters with each bringing its own flavor to the game. Quests and Combots are responsive, fluid, visceral and fun at the same time.

Visuals & Sound

The loading screens and the visual presentation are perfect. Between the repetitive grunts of characters and screeches, you may experience loud combat sounds and soundtracks. Levels are neatly designed, but the 2.5D may need some improvement.


The game does not include any outstanding features to stand out from the rest of the similar games.herowarz-1

Bugs and Errors

Other than a few sound track glitches, HeroWarz is solid and does not include any bugs. The lag spikes just need to be fixed to further improve the game experience.


HeroWarz is an exciting addition to the genre of MMORPG action games. Try out the responsive and fun combats through a wide array of unique characters for some quality time.

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