In the past few years, many action games and vibrant graphics were implemented in the browser game world, but when Drakensang Online came out this was indeed one of the best titles at that time, and it continues to do so thanks to the frequent updates and interesting gameplay ideas. But what makes this game so good and interesting? Let’s find that out as we move onward through one of the most interesting, exciting game genres out there!

What is Drakensang Online?

drakensang-04This is a browser MMORPG game with lots of hack and slash elements that allows you to explore the world of Duria where you need to kill a wide range of monsters in order to fulfill the prophecies and complete quests. The game allows you to explore a massive environment but at the same time it provides you with a great way to gather new weapons and use a wide range of abilities in any way you want.

Stunning graphics

For me, Drakensang Online is one of a kind mainly thanks to the graphics. You can rarely see so much detail and attention in a browser game, and that is exactly what makes the title so impressive, the fact that everything from the game environment to the characters and so on are very nice, incredibly detailed and filled with interesting ideas. You will surely appreciate the fact that the title can be played in fullscreen mode and, at the same time, it offers great light effects and pleasurable colors. It does offer a client if you want to download it, but then again you can easily play from within your browser, with no graphical differences between the two methods.

Lots of action

Drakensang Online is designed to be played in a very interesting manner, since it comes with frantic battles, but at the same time it also  includes multiple character classes to choose from, such as the Steam Mechanicus, Ranger, Spellweaver and DragonKnight, all of which add up in order to create a very good, exciting experience. Each one of these offers you great capabilities to either focus on ranged combat or close range combat, depending on the situation. I found the weapons in this game to be nicely implemented and there’s a lot of variety. Also, each class has different animations and cool effects that make the entire experience very fun, refined and filled with a lot of interesting moments. The abilities of each character are different, based on the class and skill, which means that no two battles are the same. It’s incredible to guide your character in battle and the experience of attacking monsters is very nice as well.


Leveling up is very fast in this game, albeit slower once you reach the higher levels. Still, the intensity of gameplay and stunning ideas bring in a new, great place which you will love for sure. The more you level up, the larger number of skills that you receive in order to upgrade your current capabilities, which is truly impressive.

Large world

The game world in Drakensang Online is massive and it offers you no less than 40 large areas where you need to go and solve quests or kill monsters. This is due to the large number of updates that came with the game.

PVP extravaganza

The game offers, exciting capabilities and stunning attention to detail which makes the entire experience well worth it. The PVP is nice because the game does come with an integrated matchmaking and multiple game modes like capture the flag or deathmatch which is really nice.

Special features:

  • Great graphics
  • Intense battles
  • Massive game world
  • Cool PVP gaming

Is this game worth it?

Considering the large amount of content and incredible value that you get with this title, I feel that Drakensang Online is indeed one of the games that’s well worth your time and attention. The ability to play it in the browser or via a client is a major plus for sure, but then again it’s the gameplay experience and stunning details that make Drakensang Online well worth your attention. So, no matter if you love action games or just want to get into browser based gaming, this game can be a great pastime since it offers so much value for free!


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