I have played similar games like Crystal Saga but there are a few aspects in this game that is very unique for me. I will mention them one by one and explain further how it makes the game more fun in a way.


In terms of graphics, some people may not like the old school feel of Crystal Saga. But I am actually a big fan of old school games and love graphics that is a bit pixelly. I am not saying though that Crystal Saga has pixelly graphics, it does however gives me that old school game graphic vibe that I love. It kind of reminds me of Ragnarok graphics in a way to. And the characters are pretty cute and anime-ish in style and that is something that is plus for me.


There actually six classes in this game and five of this classes are pretty much classes that I have known to be basic classes in some MMORPG games. But the Beastmaster is actually something new for me. But let me clarify that I do know that this class exist in other MMORPG games but it does not actually come as one of the initial classes for most, so that is something new for me. Rather it is actually a subclass for some and I actually do not reach a point where I am able to do the subclass quests. And the six classes are Knight, Rogue, Priest, Ranger, Mage and Beastmaster and this classes are pretty self-explanatory if you have been playing MMORPG for a while.


I don’t know for some gamers but I do pay attention to the dialogue and try to read them. I believe a good RPG game has lots of good dialogue and this game has that and I am quite pleasantly surprise actually. There are bits of hilarious dialogue in there which I liked and I believe that having hilarious dialogue can really bring a sense of fun to the whole MMORPG experience, and thank goodness this game has that.

In Game Sounds

I do love the in game sounds that is slightly reminiscent of Ragnarok (again).  Although there are weird pauses in there that I sometimes wonder if my speaker is actually working. And I also find it weird that there are no fighting sounds when I try to beat up some monsters. It may or may not be due to my computer or internet connection but I prefer that when there is fighting that there would be clashing sword sounds or even reaping flesh sounds involve.

Game Modes

There are actually different modes in the game and I don’t know if this is a unique feature but I actually have not played an MMORPG game that has different game modes. I haven’t actually even tried all the game modes but I am guessing that this modes are also pretty self explanatory. The game modes are Peace Mode, Evil Mode, Justice Mode, Party Mode and Guild Mode.


Okay, this may seem silly to some people but I think the emoticons are huge deal and this game has actually some really cute emoticons. I think it can really be awesome if some games think aboutcrystal-saga-1 including cute and unique emoticons in their games because it can be use in conversations and can also a sense of fun overall.

I actually was able to reach level 13, but I found that I really enjoyed this game and plan to play on and get my wings. There are a bunch of aspects in this game that I have not been able to unlock yet but I think there is a lot to discover in this game and I plan to discover most of them. Initially, you might feel overwhelmed with all the icons and the texts in the screen but I actually was able to get use to them in time. The map is of course helpful in navigating the world of Vidalia but its actually sometimes a bit useless when you are doing quests since you can easily go to the next requirement in the quest by simply clicking a link. The one feature of this game that I am truly intrigued about is the Sould Advances. I can only start upgrading it by level 30 and that makes me really determined. And if you are wondering what Soul Advances is, its actually an upgrade system that gives permanent boost in character stat and it is I believe connected to the rebirth of your hero, which is one of the important story plots in the game. So if you are looking for a good MMORPG out there that would give you a lot of innovative gameplay, then this is your game.

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