Farming games are a lot of fun and we can see them on just about any platform nowadays. The best thing about them is that they are very nice to play and offer you quite a lot of cool challenges that make paying them a great experience. Big Farm is a title created as browser game and which manages to bring in front all of those cool ideas that you would like in a farming game, but it provides them in a very interesting way.


big-farm-reviewFirst, you manage to see the daily routine of a farm, which is very interesting for many that didn’t see a farm at all. You have to create production facilities, fields, add in animals, nurture them and all of that in order to create products that are then handed to the market in order to acquire profits. The more profits you get, the more stuff you will be able to add and increase the efficiency of your production facility. This is a very interesting way to play and one that manages to bring in some really cool, exciting ideas in front. The more animals you have the better the profits, however managing them, can be a real challenge.

I found it interesting that you can hire farmhands and a wide range of workers which do help you a lot with the day to day farm stuff, however even your employees need to be managed carefully and this leads to a massive set of challenges along the way. There are many things that make the title great here, because production and management need to be seamlessly integrated together.

Community and social

big-farm-gameBelieve it or not, but the best kick that you can get with Big Farm is to play with the community. This allows you to explore some really cool ideas and interesting challenges along the way, but at the same time it brings in front some unique and very impressive tasks you have to perform. The challenges are time based however, which do require a lot of focus and attention from the entire team, but if you do them properly you will be amazed with the results, that’s for sure. Other than that, they do have a trading system and a slew of other features that seamlessly combine in order to provide us with a very interesting, cohesive experience.

Tasks and quests

It’s nice to see that there are tons of quests to do, and more are added on a daily basis, so you don’t have to worry about what you do in this game, because there’s a whole ton of stuff to be done here. They do have some repeated missions but overall the title does a great job when it comes to bringing you a new, cohesive gameplay which is really neat!

Suitable for kids and adults

big-farm-updateMany games have a specific age range, which is understandable of course, but Big Farm does a great job in being child friendly as well as offering some much-needed gameplay depth for adults as well. The graphics are adorable and a lot of fun, but at the same time you have the management stuff which is very deep and interesting as a whole. If you are a fan of interesting gameplay and you always like to discover new stuff, then Big Farm is indeed one of the games that’s right up your alley.


As a browser game, this title does justice to farming games. Sure, it doesn’t have the pretty graphics of a standalone title but it does look amazingly well and it does have a multitude of interesting gameplay ideas which is definitely a one of a kind experience. They do have lots of decorations that you can add in your farm and exploring the land as well as increasing the size of your farm is definitely an amazing experience as a whole. I feel that Big Farm does an amazing job as a farming game, so if you do need a good title in this genre, Big Farm is right what you want!

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